Friday, 28 January 2011

'ello 'ello 'ello

Whats all this then? No blog posts for a week? What a naughty blogger ;)

But in all fairness it has been a busy week :) I tidied my room all sunday evening (it really was desperately needed) and what did I come home to on monday?

Yes. My shelves (covering pretty much the whole of one wall) decided this was the time to make their bid for freedom and showered my large collection of books and craft stuff all over my bed and the floor. Thankfully, other than a plastic box, everything was unharmed (and I can only thank god I wasn't in there and sleeping at the time). I haven't been able to face sorting it all out so right now everything is stacked neatly in the hallway. Which is annoying when I have a swap to finish this weekend (although I have a lot more space).

My art (just wrote aunt haha - glad its the weekend) journal has progressed but I have missed quite a few days. But thats ok. The two pages I've been working on are/were quite theraputic actually - a lot of the same designs as you can see (all the little circles probably took me several nights to do). I'm actually really, really happy with how the girl has come out. I'm not really a drawer (although I hope to improve) so shes come out really well for me :) I'm not quite sure what I'm going to put on the other side though, which is also an envelope...I should really think about doing double page spreads rather than single pages so that they are all somewhat congruous.

My other page is inspired by a lot of the zentangles and madsalas that I've been seeing around recently. I think I was most inspired by Millande's video which shows a mandala based around zebra's and where I got the idea from of doing my mandal around two russian doll figures :) Its still a work in progress but I thought I'd show it to you. My only problem is that I always run out of ideas for doing different lines etc. I think my fave pattern so far is the scales on the completed doll (and the swirly bits on her as well)....It should take me a while to finish her. Although of course, it doesn't really matter if I leave this page and go onto another one does it?

And talking of other pages, I've bound a signiture together. I'm really happy with it - I've got all sorts of book pages and envelopes and different size/thickness of paper - I think its very exciting working in something that is all bound up together because you can see it allexpanding. Personall,y one of the most attractive things about other peoples art journals to me is seeing all of the little bits and bobs coming out of the spine and the top and the fact that it doesn't neatly sit in one book. I can't wait till my art journal looks like that :)
Looking forward to more 'aunt' journalling and crafting this weekend :)
Goodbye for now,


  1. My goodness, you were lucky you weren't there when those shelves fell. Love your art journal pages, Have you had a look on Willowing? Tam (who is Willowing) put a free art journaling course on called art, heart & healing, its really good, well worth a look

  2. good luck with the tidy up. beautiful work :O)