Thursday, 6 January 2011

Challenges :)

Well, it seems like I'm getting all into the challenges this year. To be honest, I think setting targets which (kind of) have consequence is not done are the only way I can get myself to do anything :) Although I don't know whether that should be a smiley face at that fact. I have decided - drum roll please- that I will take part in the 50 projects in 2011 craftalong over on my favourite site craftster. I've done a list of 37 items so far, so that there is space to add more. Every time I read someone else's list though, I just get so inspired and add a few more items. Most of the projects are quite small, but often in areas where I haven't really had much experience so I'll be learning new things. How exciting!!!

The List:
  1. Flower hair accessories
  2. learn to make jewellery and subsequently make some earings
  3. crochet necklace
  4. sew a shoulder bag
  5. recon a skirt
  6. make an art journal
  7. birthday present for mum (little boxes?)
  8. birthday present for dad
  9. paper beads
  10. subject dividers for my school folders (been on my mind since September)
  11. crochet hand warmers
  12. crochet afghanny/cardiganny thing
  13. learn to make a record bowl
  14. cards, lots and lots of cards
  15. learn to make face creams/lip balms etc. and then make J
  16. owl amigurumi
  17. cloth bowls
  18. wind chime for garden
  19. do my art journal pretty much ever day ;)
  20. bonnet
  21. find a penpal and write some arty letters
  22. put together some kind or steam punky/other worldy costume
  23. make butter
  24. make some historically accurate item
  25. More hair accessories
  26. recon a jacket
  27. make a crafting fairy
  28. make bread
  29. make a shrine
  30. scrapbook
  31. reconned childrens book
  32. button wall art
  34. bottle cap pendants
  35. fimo cakes J
  36. mend black velvet jacket that’s been languishing in the closet for about a year waiting for me to sort out a rip
  37. make a gibbous skirt/top
However, my other great love is reading and I've suddenly had the great inspiration of trying to get through one of those 'must read' lists. I think the 1000 novels everyone must read looks just a little bit intimidating but I'm debating between two other top 100 lists. One is the bbc big read with the books voted on by the nation; as you can imagine there are a lot more popular books and books I've read on there. The other is The telegraph 100 novels everyone should read which is more full of the old classical types but also some lighter stuff. I think on reflection its probably the one I'm most likely to read my way through. What fun!!

Speak to you all soon (Hopefully with some crafting pics)
Hannah :)

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  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog - and past posts too.

    My goodness that is a long list of challenges you are embarking on - I do so admire you. I doubt very much that I could have the time to achieve so much and I am looking for forward to seeing all the results over the coming year