Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Art Journal Every Day

I've done my first ever art journal page and I am soooo excited. YAHOOO!!!! I spotted the Art journal every day today (a bit late but whatever) and decided this year is the year. I've always wanted to do an art journal but its always seemed so daunting, such a difficult thing to get started on. So I've put it off and looked at others work and dreamed but never done anything. However, today something just clicked. It might have clicked because I have lots and lots and lots of work I am supposed to be doing for the start of school tomorrow (aarrgghhh- so much dull stuff to do) and I really really really wanted to put it off. And the other thing was how accessible this project seems. Julie makes it really clear that you don't need to do one whole spread. That you really do only need 10minutes to scrible down a back ground or paste a couple of photos....for some reason it just seems...well...easy! There are also loads of amazing resources on her blog - even if you don't do the project go look she is very talented. I found out that in august she'd run a art journalling week and there were lots of inspiration and articles from different journallers. I was really inspired her collage/Teesha Moore article so (avoiding my work) I decided to do a page in that kind of style.

Unfortunately I couldn't get a decent pic because of the lighting but I was so excited that I just had to share :) I used pink, purple and green gel pens, purple acrylic paint, and pink and gold water colo
ur. I got the image from a hair magazine. The slogan reads 'I adore bright colours and curly hair'. Although there is stuff I'm not happy with over all I'm really pleased. I love the curls I added onto her hair and the lime green love hearts. I know I have loads to learn this year and I am looking forward to getting on and doing stuff rather than just looking. This is just the one age because I
don't have an art journal and I realised that if I put it off, I wouldn't do anything. And then I realised I can do coptic stitching - I can bind it together when I'm done or when I find paper th
at I really like. Sorted.

Hopefully a little more motivation will appear (not just in art but at school as well). Talking of which, I really do need to go do some school work, so I'll leave this all with you and go do some history!

Hannah x

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