Monday, 10 January 2011

Critical Thinking Exam and journal pages!

Critical thinking. A subject considered to be exceedingly difficult by the government, forced on us poor, unwilling sixth formers and the epitome of tedium. Of course, I put off revising. Which, after I had got 46 out of 75 in a practice paper this morning with two hours to go before the exam, didn't seem like such a good idea as it had done the night before. Ah well, its all a learning curve I guess. And the exam didn't go too badly - didn't get my timings quite right so I messed up a bit on the last question and there were some things I blagged. However.... NOTE TO SELF: Revise next time rather than playing echo bazaar :)

Anyway, except for last night I have been keeping up with the journal everyday challenge. I've only completed another page but I have got into the spirit of doing just 10 minut
es here and there. I love the background of this (also, please excuse the messy bed photos!). I was so happy with the way the colours mixed together and worked well. Yay for pretty colours. I was also playing around with masking tape - the border is masking tape, as is the base for the little bit of writing. The little 'around the world people thing' was something I did ages ago. I was rummaging around in my scrap box for a suitable image to use and found it.

Its funny how much your mood influences the way the final page turns out, especially
when you can see its development over several days. When I did the border I was definitely in a happy mood. Lots of pretty little stars and visions of the final piece relating to the night sky! Yet, when I put it all together I was feeling pretty sad and down which I think can be seen a little in the more sombre mood and definitely in the journalling. The sketch on the right was actually something I did in the summer. However, I'm taking paper from everywhere to make my signatures (thinking I might put some envelopes in to mix it all up) and this obviously isn't finished so I included it. I did a little bit of work on her but that will be what I'm working on for the next couple of days. I might try messing about with tissue paper. Or maybe attempting to do something similar to the marvellous nicci's stuff.

Bye for now,
And good luck to anyone with exams,


  1. Love all the happy experimenting! And I'm delighted that you're participating in Art Journal Every Day!