Friday, 25 February 2011


Another long time distance between posts. Ooopsie o.0

Anyway, you now in the last post, nearly a month ago, I mentioned that I was ocrafting away for a 'Lets Party' swap I was in over on craftster? Well, its time to share the crafts!!! Unfortunately I was flaked on, which is never that much fun but hopefully I should be getting an angel soon, due to the fab system they have, so no big loss :)

Crochet Jewelry!!!!
I was very excited about making these as its something that I've been wanting to try out. I was happy enough with how they turned out, except it made me realise I must have a realy awkward tension or something as the chains kept twisting, so some of the flowers were the wrong way round :(

These were quite rough and ready but again a new ch allenge.
Crochet Bag/purse:
Nice and simple, no lining or anything like that
Skinny crochet cowel/scarf:
When I made this I had an image in my head of what a cowel was. Then I looked it up online when my mum asked. And realised that they are considerably larger than what I had made! Ah well, I still think it looks super funky :) (Also, my necks not that eerily long in real life - its just some odd camera trick!)
Pom-pom hair bobbles:
I think these (there were two) are some of my favourite theings that I have created (and super, super simple as well). I made the pom poms using crazy pink monster yarn.
And just a few extras:

Hope everyone liked :) And if anyone wants more info on how to make something in particular just ask me about it in the comment box and I'll write a specific post on it.

Speak soon,