Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Well, I have had a fun morning blog hopping - I love seeing everyones work, hearing casual mentions of loved ones, finding a cute new fashion style to find out. Yes, I love blogs. As you can probably tell from the evergrowing list of blogs on my right had side collum (spelling error?) which I think at this point in time surpasses the actual length of posts on this blog.

I think I should conclude from this piece of information that I am embarrassingly nosy. I say this like it is a new conlcusion. It is not. You are talking to someone who on occasions turns off her mp3 player but keeps her earphones in so she can people watch and hear on the bus. I don't do this in a cruel way - I genuinely find it fascinating how people live and behave. I think that is why I love history so much. I once described it as my way of being constructively nosy - I love learning about fashion senses, relationships, lives, food....It never ceases to amaze and ensnare me.

But sometimes, well, a lot of the time really, I get too caught up in looking at things rather than participating. I spend so much time on the computer just looking at others creations, that I never have time to make anything myself. I waste time. A lot. And I'm not quite sure how to stop. Yes, the distractions are often lovely but I need to find a cutoff point, the willpower to say, 'Hannah, you have reloaded that page three times already, stared at that page for 15 minutes and have not learnt anything new. You need to stop.'

Although this is something I need to work on (any suggestions gratefully accepted), I did think of a way to put some of my past misdomeanors (in the nicest possible way) to use. I am sure that anyone stopping at my blog will look at my list and think 'OMG - where can I start.' So I can help - each week, I'm going to be choosing one of the blogs to be my blog of the week. Just doing a post for it, giving it a bit of well earned publicity and hopefully giving some lovely reader (I must have some!) a juicy new blog to have fun with. I'll do a new post when I've got permission to use photos and whatnot (probably tomorrow-then it won't soincide with workdesk wednesday!)...and please do tell if this is something that you would like :)


  1. ha I decided to follow you on this article alon, Laugh! Fun to see that I am not the only one! So one thing that I now do, is invite the Lord to help. LOL! it was a revelation to me!

  2. I get easily distracted too Hannah, I see something I like, start making it, then see something else & start with that & it goes on....
    eventually I have a crafty overload (like this week) & just dive into & finish a large pile of projects. Just go for it & have fun:)