Sunday, 21 February 2010

Stars in my eyes....

Hi folks,

Well, as it is the last day of half term I'm very busy doing a bit of last minute homework - maths, RE, English etcetera. etcetera. Boy do I have some work to do in maths - I seem to have managed to forget everything so for every question of this exam paper I have to look up exactly how to do things again. So the point is, this is going to be a short post before I return to this:

Instead of been doing my homework this holiday, I've discovered how to make origami stars and am absolutely addicted to making these guys. I think they're so quick and easy to dyet look really pretty. I haven't quite managed to make the huge amounts that other people have made (I once saw a swap package where these origami stars were used as packaging to hold everything together - bearing in mind this was a very large box) I have made a little jam jar full. I've also been experimenting with turning them into jewelry and have made a bracelet but no pics of that yet as its going to one of the swaps I'm in. Here are some pics:

Bye for now :D


  1. Oh my word I love them! Is there a linky where I can go for instructions?

  2. Thanks so much for the link. Going to have a play at these with my scraps :D